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Welcome artists and families!


One of the first lessons presented to Montessori Elementary students is the Story of the Universe. It both grounds their view of an interconnected world and inspires wonder and the curiosity to want to explore it. Art offers similar guidance from an even earlier age. As soon as they begin working with their hands, children instinctively explore art making and begin to make sense of their environment and their place in it through creative work. Making art actively cultivates the independence, confidence, curiosity, joy and decision making that are so fundamental to a child's development.


Studying the history of art offers a view of the human experience for older students. They connect to people from different cultures, places, and time periods and discover the boundless potential of creative expression. I see the children open up and begin to wonder what they might create to transform their own worlds. 


I hope you enjoy exploring our universe of art!

Ms. Skor

Art and Art History Teacher

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